Tuesday, August 31, 2010

How we ended up with the boy we call Valor Pt 4

Picking up from yesterday's storyline..

On Wednesday, my pediatrician called to let me know his evaluation of the medical file that I had dropped off at his office the day before. I was anxious to hear what he would say, because this is a man that I truly trust. He has five kids of his own, and has been seeing my kids since they were born. (It was his office that spotted Watson's symptoms and sent him to be evaluated for what we later found out to be leukemia - so, we have history and I trust him.) He tells me that for the most part, everything looks good. He is not concerned with any of the information that he sees on this small report.

I am grateful for this news, but my heart longed for something more definitive. In my weak faith, I just wanted him to be able to say something like "there is a sentence on this piece of paper that in medical doctor code informs me that this child just needs a little surgery and he will be fine - other than that no problems!" I asked my doctor if he thought I was crazy to consider doing this, and he said "no, but I just wish you could have someone physically evaluate him..."

My thoughts exactly. I'm not saying that it would make a difference in my decision, but I would feel more prepared for what I am getting into. However, the chances that I was going to have the opportunity for anyone to go to Ethiopia hold this baby and report back to me were more than slim...they were non-existent.

As I am having this very conversation on the phone, my other line is ringing. I glance at the caller ID and see that it is my friend, Kerry. I know exactly the reason she is calling. I will call her back when I am off the phone with the doctor.

Kerry is my friend that was displaced by a fire which burned part of her home, and left the rest severely smoke damaged. She and her family lived with us for a couple of weeks about a month before. I was in the process of helping her pick paint colors for the areas of her home that were being restored.

I have actually known Kerry and her extended family for about ten years. We had all attended the same church together. Although we had not seen each other in a while, we were able to reconnect with her and her family in such a special way. I learned that she and Scott had been helping to foster some kids and were considering adoption themselves. Beyond that, her sister and her husband had made the decision to adopt a little girl from Ethiopia. It was a comforting coincidence to have her with me during this time, because she more than understood the thoughts swirling through my heart in regards to adoption.

I called her back, and before discussing paint colors, I filled her in on Valor. She had not heard anything about this little baby that had come into our lives and the amazing events that had so far surrounded him. I stopped short in my list of provisions, however, sharing with her the doubt I was now faced with - wishing that I could just have one more physical confirmation that this baby's situation was something we could handle. Do you know what she says? "My brother-in-law is going to Addis, Ethiopia this Saturday, I'm sure he would be happy to go see your baby!"

THIS SATURDAY! Not in a few months, or weeks, but days! As I mentioned before, Brian and I have known Kerry's sister and her husband as long as we have known Kerry and Scott. All I can say is that it struck both Brian and I that there was not a person we felt more equipped to evaluate this situation and report back to us than Kerry's brother-in-law, Eric. God has given him a great gift for discernment and we more than trusted his instincts.

We set it up with them to see Valor while they were in Ethiopia. We waited as they set off on their own journey to unite with their daughter, and hoping it worked out to find our little baby....

Romans 8:28 "And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose."

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  1. Just rediscovered your blog Andria...for some reason I didn't have it on my list. I hope to spend some time reading Valor's story this weekend when I have some time...can't wait!